“Divorce Your Wife If She Has No Womb And She Didn’t Tell You” – Apostle Suleman

General overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Suleman, is back on the headlines again.
This time, the controversial Benin-based preacher has raised eyebrows with his message on the sanctity of marriage..

Apostle Suleman held that divorce is in order if the marriage was founded on falsehood.

According to him, any man who is imp0tent or woman who has no womb and gets marriage without full disclosure to the partner is a liar, and has no business staying being in the union.
Stressing that God does not support deception, he said;

“People pretend and live in bondage but I will say the truth the way it is, you entered a marriage with someone who has told you a destiny lie.
“A lady has no womb and hid it from you, a man is imp0tent and never told and you entered a marriage with each other, please get out. Because before the sight of God that is not marriage that is deception, it is not divorce.
“What I am saying here is that he or she did not tell you before marriage but if he or she did and you decide to pray about it then it’s not an issue but when he or she lies about it then it is deception, get out of that marriage.”

“Any Day You Hear I Have Been Arrested, Burn Down Nigeria To The Ground” – Nnamdi Kanu Instructs People Of Biafra

“The worst mistake Buhari ever made was to arrest me. I will break the zoo into pieces. I am taking IPOB to Abuja on the 17th of next month for my court case. There will be 2 million people in Abuja. We take the battle to our enemies. You are under oath and by virtue of that oath you are under direct order from me, any day you hear I have been arrested, to burn down Nigeria to the ground,”


Speaking with members of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) yesterday, the leader of the group Nnamdi Kanu alleged that we all have beendeceived by the Presidency, as the man presently ruling the country is not President Buhari but a Sudanese national who had undergone plastic surgery in order to look like President Buhari.

“I can stand and prove who I am but Buhari cannot do the same thing. The man you are looking at on the television is not Buhari. His name is Jubril, he is from Sudan. After extensive plastic surgery, they brought him back. They taught him Buhari’s mannerisms and he came back deceiving all of you. He cannot deceive Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB,” he said.

He also debunked a report by the Sun newspaper that he is currently on the run;

“It wasn’t my wish to speak but the more I keep quiet the more they keep lying. I am under oath to defend IPOB and I will do so. We can never, ever surrender. Don’t mind the lies they are feeding you. People want to sell their newspapers, they fabricate nonsense.” he said

UNBELIEVABLE! See What Is Happening To Nigerian Rapper MI 24HRS After He Prayed And Encouraged Yahoo Boys To Continue Their Dirty Deals

Nigerian rapper, M.I. abaga sat down with Pulse Nigeria, and he spoke about diverse issues affecting the Nigerian music industry, and he talked about the direction of his music.
The hours-long interview got to the part where M.I talked about the aspect of financing in the Nigerian music business and surprisingly, the rapper had good words to say about internet fraudsters, who he claims have been filling the gap by financing artistes, in the absence of corporate sponsors and brands.

In his words:
‘there’s no bank in the history of Nigeria that has given one Naira to any label. There’s one corporate entity that has given any label. It’s young guys.’
M.I further stressed:
‘In fact, you’re more likely to get money from a Yahoo boy. Shout-out to Yahoo boys. May God prosper your business.’

Football Team Plus Substitute! After Giving Birth To 13 Kids,Couple Welcomes A Set of Quadruplets….

This is really SERIOUS! Just when they thought they were done giving birth after 13 children,8 males and 5 females,Malam Lawali Ibrahim,45 and his 35-yr-old wife,Malama Shafa’atu were delivered of a set of quadruplets,all girls.

Though a scarce occurrence,the quadruplets have been celebrated all through the town of Illela where they were born.Malama,the mother told how there was confusion at the initial stage of the pregnancy with the monthly menstruation still showing up even when the family doctor told her she was pregnant.

All doubts were cleared about 5-6 months later when the pregnancy started showing and during the ante-natal visits to the hospital,she was told that she was carrying twins.