BREAKING NEWS! President Buhari,s Doctors Reveals Shocking Details – Resign As President Of Nigeria Now OR… (MUST SEE)

President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised by his doctors to resign from office as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,

LEADERS NG exclusively reveal that a member of the President’s family, who pleaded on anonymity disclosed that the nature of the President’s illness is such that his doctors believe will prevent him from effectively carrying out his official duties.
It was gathered that his doctors are said to have advised him to consider resigning and focusing his attentions on his health.

Sources of LeaderNg was unable to say what the nature of the President’s illness is or at what hospital the President is receiving treatment.

Recall that the President traveled on Jan 19th, 2017 to see his doctors in the United Kingdom, his third such trip to the country in the last 11 months.
The official announcement of his trip stated that his vacation would last 10 days and he would resume work on February 6th, 2017.

However, a simple glance at the calendar reveals that he will be away for several days more than the contained in the announcement.
Meanwhile, reporter is yet to confirmed the report by LeaderNg at the time of filling this report.

34 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS! President Buhari,s Doctors Reveals Shocking Details – Resign As President Of Nigeria Now OR… (MUST SEE)”

  1. Ruqqoyyah y did u believ in ordinary man?
    You miss it up my frd, u can only beliv God in him.
    Is just an ordinary person like u who can die anytime. Our beliv should b in God………….
    God bless our president, leaders and All inhabitants of Nigeria

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  3. Buhari is not dead, all we need to is to start praying for him, that God should strengthen him so that he can be able finish is term. God bless Nigeria.

  4. Ways of Allah are not ways of man,u shld mind wat u say,Allah is d best healer,d miracle performer, he heals d sick regardless of d nature of d sickness,so don’t eva wish our fearful president dead, he is so full of d fear of Allah and dat alone will heal him.

  5. Our President Is Not Dead Atlist Lets Think Of It, He His A Muslim Which When Dead The Body Cant Be Keept So Lets Just Keep Praying Becoz Allah Know Morethan We Do Becoz If We Say He His Not Dead And He Dies 2morro And If We Say He Is Dead And He Wakes Up, What Will We Say My People Lets Just PRAY FOR HIM

  6. Do not put your trust in noble, their spirit goes, on that their thoughts perish. Buhari is fallible,he is a man who can die but live by God’s grace. Let’s leave not by rumour but by supported facts. Go on with your duty and remain focus’s.

  7. Comment: let’s keep praying whatever happens God should take over and put an end to our helpless situation by these shameless thieves and cancaworms.

  8. May God heal him for us,bcos there’s nothing i we collect from is death,our president thou its hard nw but to my believe thing we become get well soon.may God heal u…after ur heal remember we ur pples mr presidnt.

  9. May the good Lord heal our president and spare his life to return to his seat. It is the will of God that we pray for people like him.

  10. Comment:for u ar saying d president is dead, I seek for God forgiveness for u because u don’t knw wat u ar saying

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