BREAKING: Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg Is In Nigeria!! (Photos And Video)

Zuckerb can confirm that Founder and CEO of social media platform Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is currently in Nigeria!!!




The world’s seventh wealthiest man stealthily came into Nigeria today, Tuesday, August 30 to see how Facebook works in Nigeria and how to improve the social network website in Nigeria and Africa.


Mark Naija








Nigeria is the first country Mark is visiting in the Africa continent.

He’s presently at the CC Hub in Yaba area of Surulere, Lagos state.

Welcome to Naija oh Mark!

More to follow…

Nobody Can Impeach Wike – PDP Tells Peterside


The Rivers State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has stated that Governor Nyesom Wike was not under any threat of impeachment.

State Publicity Secretary, Samuel Nwanosike, on Monday said this in Port Harcourt while briefing newsmen, in reaction to a statement credited to the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in the 2015 general election, Dr. Dakuku Peterside.

Peterside had predicted that the regime of the governor would soon come to an end, adding that the people could not be deceived with lies and propaganda, no matter how well crafted the lies were.

But Nwanosike said:-

“Dakuku Peterside should know that the governor cannot be impeached because in the state House of Assembly, the PDP is in the majority. The issue of the governor’s regime coming to an end cannot come up.

“Governor Wike is using the resources at his disposal to develop the state and that is why he will continue to enjoy the support of the people. They can try as much as they can, they cannot do anything to Governor Wike,” the state PDP publicity secretary said.

“Rivers State is PDP. We have got up to the Supreme Court and we won. So, to say that Wike’s administration will soon come to an end does not make any meaning to us,” he added.

Reacting, the state Publicity Secretary of the APC, Mr. Chris Finebone, disagreed with Nwanosike, saying that Rivers remains an APC state.

“Rivers State is not PDP. People were saying Nigeria was PDP, until APC won. It is sheer empty talk to say that Rivers State is PDP. Rivers belongs to the APC and will remain APC,” Finebone said.

Shocking : See Why a Man Buried His 10-Year-Old Daughter Alive


A man from Tripura, India was arrested for trying to bury his 10-year-old daughter alive right at the backyard of their home.

Abdul Hussein – the father, was accused of tying up and taping his young daughter’s mouth before burying her in the ground while his wife was not home. According to police sources the reason behind Abdul’s cruel action is because he despise the kid for being a girl.

The alleged dug a pit in his backyard, put his daughter in the hole with her hands tied together and her mouth taped up, and then filled up the pit to chest level, with her arms and head above the dirt floor.

But the crime was interrupted because his wife returned home. Abdul then covered his daughter’s head using a bamboo basket, with the intent to bury the girl later.

However his suspicious wife began to question where the little kid was, and sooner raised an alarm. Neighbors nearby come for help and sooner discovered and rescued the halfly-buried girl in the pit. Rescuers then beat the suspect and later informed the police.

Hussein was then arrested, and now facing charges of attempted murder.

Watch the shocking video below:

Sometimes people are committing crimes just because they don’t like something. This should serve as a lesson to those heartless people out there to think clearly before making such cruel actions. Children should be love and taken care of, not to be beaten up and buried to death.


This Is What Ginger Does To Your Body If You Eat It Every Day


Undoubtedly, ginger is one of the most beneficial spices you can use. It contains a number of useful properties which help in the case of various health issues.

It can be consumed as a food supplement or as a tea. This amazing root has a great number of uses, it can be used against cancer, it can literally destroy ovarian cancer cells and it can reduce the risk of irritable bowel syndrome. Moreover, ginger can be of great help in losing weight, as it activates the digestive juices, and the function of the digestive system is improved.

Ginger acts as a fat burner, helping in fat loss and it can also help people feel fuller for a long time. Furthermore, ginger protects from Alzheimer’s disease since it slows down the loss of brain cells, as found in a study.

Regardless of the type of the pain, this root can relieve it, as it possesses anti-inflammatory properties which alleviate the pain. You will surely feel the benefits during the day, if you start it by consuming a cup of ginger tea in the morning.

This plant also has an amazing effect on your sinuses, as it can unclog them and ease the drainage. Simply prepare a cup of hot ginger tea and enjoy all its benefits without any possible side-effects.

Furthermore, ginger helps in controlling the glucose levels which act directly on people’s weight and energy levels. It has been proven to improve concentration as well.

Ginger enhances the absorption of necessary nutrients. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with inflammation-based conditions and diseases. It reduces arthritic inflammation.

Its consumption may not solve your asthma condition completely, but it can be of great help, as it opens up airways and eases any pain symptoms caused by this kind of issues.

As it cleans the palate and leaves your mouth refreshed, ginger can be quite beneficial in the improvement of your breath as well. Prepare your ginger drink by mixing it with hot water. This beverage is amazing in flushing out your mouth and neutralizing the bad taste inside.

Ginger significantly improves your immune system, so it helps in the prevention of colds and other illnesses.

You can improve your circulation by consuming ginger as well, and it will make you feel energetic. It also opens your pores and makes circulation function better.

As your whole circulatory system is boosted by its consumption, ginger can also serve as a powerful aphrodisiac for both genders. This root can also recover tired muscles, so people can be more active.

You can avoid heartburn using ginger. Ginger has properties which can get rid of the excess acid that triggers heartburn, so you can use it to avoid these issues. You can use it for a longer period of time, as it can cause no side effects.

Start using ginger in order to avoid gasses. Drink a cup of ginger tea before going to bed, and it will act during the night. It will clear out your digestive system and neutralize the problem on the inside.

This remarkable root can also stop motion sickness and all of its symptoms, including dizziness, nausea, cold sweats and the like.

To sum up, the numerous benefits of the use if ginger can restore your health and prevent all kinds of illnesses, hence, it is highly recommended that you try and add it into your everyday diet. Note that you should always use it fresh in order to enjoy all its benefits!

Man Arrested For ‘Impersonating Jesus’ After He Is Spotted Walking With Giant Cross On His Back


A man has been arrested for impersonating Jesus Christ after he was spotted walking along a road carrying a huge wooden cross on his back.

Artist and filmmaker Ilya Novikov, 23, was behind the stunt in the city of Perm in central Russia’s Perm Krai region. But he was accused of blasphemy by local church leaders and fell foul of police for being a potential traffic hazard.

A video filmed by an eyewitness shows the bearded artist wearing long flowing white robes as he walks along the pavement with a T-shaped cross.

Motorists and pedestrians shouted insults at Mr Novikov, and one bystander called the police fearing he could distract passing traffic.

Two policemen quickly arrived on the scene to arrest him – but struggled to fit his cross in the back of their patrol car.

They eventually succeeded and took Mr Novikov to a police station for questioning and he was later released.

A police spokesman said: “A man in white clothes, carrying a cross, was spotted by onlookers and police were called to the scene. Officers talked with the man at the police station and let him go.”

Mr Novikov said: “My friend gave me some wooden sticks so I made a cross out of them. The experience of Jesus Christ was repeated. People were laughing, shouting and mocking me.

“This reaction proves that the Bible story was true and that after 2,000 years people have still not changed – we are still cruel and intolerant to our neighbours.”

But Father Igor Anoufriev, the rector of the city’s Church of St George, condemned the stunt as blasphemy.

“This, of course, offends believers. Nobody has the right to try on the image of Jesus Christ, who is our sacred lord,” he said.


MUST READ!!! Nigeria Plans To Legalize Abortion – See The Shocking Reasons Catholic Bishops Dropped


The Catholic Bishops Conference, Ibadan Ecclesiastical Province, has condemned what they said was a subtle plan by the Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole.

in collaboration with some foreign organizations to increase the culture of contraception among Nigerian women.

The bishops, in a communique issued at the end of their meeting, on Wednesday, described this move as an “anti-life policy.”

The bishops also warned the political parties participating in Edo and Ondo governorship polls to desist from violence and align with the guidelines stipulated by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), to avert anarchy in the system.

They praised President Muhammadu Buhari for exposing corrupt Nigerians in his anti-graft war and advised that the president must institutionalise the fight for it to outlast his administration and become deeply entrenched in the system.


A communique issued at the end of a three-day second plenary meeting of the province, held in Akure, Ondo State, on Wednesday, “condemned the recent move by the Minister of Health, Professor Adewole, in collaboration with the foreign agencies, to commit the Federal Government to increasing the culture of contraception and subsequently, abortion among our people.”

So Touching!!! Mother Recounts Horrifying Tales Of How MTN Worker Was Murdered By Lover


Punch correspondent had reported on April 30 how Mrs. Ashinwo and her daughter, 30-year-old Oluwatosin Ashinwo, an employee of MTN in Ilorin, Kwara State were attacked by a knife-wielding obsessed suitor of the young lady, 45-year-old David Ogundele.

Mrs. Ashinwo survived the attack, her daughter didn’t.

The older woman’s injuries were no less extensive, as she spent many days in the emergency unit of a hospital in Ilorin as doctors battled to save her life. She would later spend another two months in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

A Punch correspondent paid her a visit in Lagos, days after she was discharged and brought back home.

With a very raspy voice and intermittent cough that came out with each word, one would conclude that all was still not well with the woman, who was left for dead in the pool of her own blood in Ilorin that fateful day.

For her, the agony she feels with each morsel of food and gulp of liquid passing through her knife-damaged throat was nothing compared to the daily torment of thinking about how she lost her first child, breadwinner, and daughter.

“I knelt down to beg my daughter’s killer as he held the knife that later took my daughter’s life. I thought kneeling would pacify him,” she said.


The story Mrs. Ashinwo told was one of agony, climaxing at the moment she laid in a pool of her own blood and tried with every ounce of her waning strength to crawl to where her daughter laid lifeless.

“I was dead; I don’t know why God brought me back. But I am sure I was dead that day. I tried to crawl and touch my daughter but my strength failed. I could see she was not breathing. There was blood everywhere; mine and my daughter’s,” she said.

According to her, the day of the attack was the first time she would meet the killer, Ogundele.

Mrs. Ashinwo said, “The first time we spoke, he called me and introduced himself as Engineer David. He told me he was my daughter’s friend and I should help him to appeal to my daughter to marry him.

“I was surprised but I told him that my daughter was a 30-year-old woman. She was free to make her own decision about who to marry.

“He called again some weeks later and said he and my daughter had settled the issue.

“The next time, he called, he was very angry. He said he had never been humiliated the way my daughter humiliated him. It was few days after my daughter’s birthday. He said he organised a birthday party for her and invited his friends and even bought a car as gift but she did not honour the invitation.

“I did not know what to say. My daughter already had a car and already has someone else she wanted to marry. I told him not to be annoyed and forget about the issue since my daughter had made up her mind.

“Prior to April 30, I started having some bad dreams about my daughter and became really concerned. I decided that it was time to go and check on her to know how she was doing.

“On my way to Ilorin, the man (Ogundele) called again and said as soon as I get to Ilorin, he would come and pick me at the park. I said nothing. But since I did not even know him I went straight to my daughter’s place without calling him.

“When I met my daughter, she took me to a woman, who seemed to be her confidante. We ate and the woman told me that my daughter had a fight with one man called Engineer David that day and the man threatened to kill her.

“I did not waste time; I stood up and told her I must report to the police. But my daughter told me to let the matter go. She said I was just making a big issue out of a small matter.

“She said that was why she did not like telling me some things some times. I let the matter go because I did not want to be like an overzealous mother.”

But that was one decision that would haunt Mrs. Ashinwo every second of every day.

The following day, Sunday April 30, without any hint about the danger that lurked in the shadow, she and her daughter had just got home from somewhere that day. As they entered Oluwatosin’s flat, Ogundele, who was said to be have been hiding around the flat, cornered them in the flat.

Mrs. Ashinwo said, “He entered and locked the door behind him and put the key in his pocket. I had just finished bathing when my daughter called out to me that he was in the flat. I quickly dressed and prepared to meet the man that had been disturbing me so much with calls. When I saw him, I said ‘Good day, pleased to meet you’ and he replied that, ‘there is nothing good about today.’

“As soon as I saw him, I sighted the knife he was holding. I asked him what the problem was and he kept quiet. I did not understand what was happening. He was saying so many things I did not understand. I asked him if my daughter owed him anything. I promised to pay back everything. He said she did not owe him anything. He was just angry.

“I told him that even if they offended each other, it should not be that bad that it would require the use of a knife. I told them they could still be friends. When I realised he had no intension of dropping the knife, I went down on my knees. I was begging him to drop the knife. Then, he came to where I knelt and carried me up.

“Just when I thought the issue would end, he rushed at Tosin and held her down on the bed. He started stabbing her furiously. As my daughter screamed, I rushed at him. I could not just stand and he stared stabbing me too over the body.”

By the time the attack was over, Mrs. Ashinwo had been stabbed at least 10 times in her torso, with the knife going through her throat.

As all became quiet in the room where the dying women lay, Ogundele, dropped his weapon, the bloody knife and locked his victims in the room, Saturday PUNCH learnt.

Minutes went by as Mrs. Ashinwo tried to call out to her daughter who was bleeding from every parts of the body.

She said she was so weak she could not even call out to her daughter who had become lifeless at that point.

Lucky for her, she heard someone in a kitchen behind her daughter’s window. The woman said she used the last ounce of her strength to call the person, who later raised the alarm.

By the time the door was broken down, it was too late for Oluwatosin. She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

As Mrs. Ashinwo told this story, there was no doubt it was with tremendous agony as she relived the gory details.

Saturday Punch had earlier reported that Ogundele was arrested in Osun on Saturday, May 14, after the police tracked him down with undercover agents.

But Mrs. Ashinwo said the police have not even contacted her to give evidence. She said she could not understand why Ogundele has not been charged to court.

The spokesperson for the Kwara State Police Command, Mr. Ajayi Okasanmi, said he did not have information about the prosecution of the suspect when our correspondent called him.

He said he would call back to give update about the status of the case but had yet to do so as of the time of filing this report.


FG Deducts N32bn From States Allocation (See Why)


The Federal Government has deducted a total sum of N32bn from the allocations of states from the Federation Account in the month of April 2016 for different loans they incurred.

In a report by the Economic Confidential, the economic intelligence magazine, Osun state appears to be the worse hit by the development and ranks number one, as its allocation for the month of April 2016 totalling N2.030 billion was wiped away by a deduction of N2.391 billion leaving a deficit of N361 million to be paid in the subsequent month by the state, and this represents a whopping 117.8 percent of the total allocation due the state from the federation account.

This means that Osun state had nothing to take home for the month of April, 2016, as other means of survival had to be adopted to keep the ship sailing for the people of Osun State.

Osun State is followed in the mind boggling deduction conundrum by Bayelsa state with a total deduction of N3.207 billion out of an allocation of N4.812 billion for the month of April, 2016 representing 66.66 percent of the total allocation.

Others are: Cross River state with a total deduction of N1.405 billion, Ogun state, N1.185 billion, Plateau State, N1.248 billion and Ekiti State with N1.067 billion all representing 63.46 percent, 57.20 percent, 56.52 percent and 55.33 percent respectively within the period under review.

From the investigation, not less than N3.078 billion of the total amount was deducted for bail-out funds granted the states by the Federal Government. At least eight states had no deductions on bail-out funds for the month of April 2016.

The states: Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Jigawa, Kogi, Lagos, Rivers, Yobe and the Federal Capital Territory did not collect the bail-out funds from the federal government or appropriate time for the deduction have not fallen due and are yet to commence.

Meanwhile, from the schedule of deductions obtained and computed by the Economic Confidential, the deductions from the states also includes debts on AMCON loan, Commercial Agric Credit Scheme, Bond Issuance Programme, Contractual obligation, and deduction from Excess Crude account. Others are: Refund/Payment arrears of derivation, foreign loans, special intervention/flood management project, the national fadama project and reconstruction of commercial bank loans into FGN bonds apart from bail-out funds.

Ghana Pastor Who Flogged A Girl In His Church For Having S3x Arrested (Photos, Video)


Controversial Preacher Bishop Daniel Obinim has been transferred from the Tema Police to the CID headquarters for further interrogations in a GH¢11.6 million fraud case.

Bishop Obinim has spent the entire day today at the Tema Regional Police’s premises as they begun investigations into an earlier case of him flogging two church members.

In the latest case, the Tema Police arrested him for defrauding under false pretense.

According to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) PRO, ASP Joseph Darkwa, a complainant came to the Tema Police some few weeks ago to report that he gave an amount of GH¢780,000 to Okomfo Gyapata of Mampong Nkwanta near Koforidua in the Eastern Region to do a spiritual ritual to bless the money.

“According to the complainant, after some time, he realised that the Okomfo was not able to help him neither was he able to give him back his money, so he came to Bishop Obinim to report the matter so the Bishop would help him retrieve the money and do the rituals to bless the money for him,” he said.

ASP Darkwa said it was based on that that Bishop Obinim asked him to bring the rest of the gold money which amounted to GH¢11.6 million belonging to the family.

The complaint told the police since he gave the money to the Bishop, he has not been able to do what he was expected to do neither was he given his money.

The complainant said he gave the money to Okomfo Gyapata on November 28, 2015, but the money he gave to Bishop Obinim was in June this year.

The CID PRO told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh on Newsnite that the complainant has not lodged a complaint against Okomfo Gyapata as yet but if it becomes necessary that they have to involve him they would do so.

“We have just commenced investigations into this issue, when we finish we will hand him over to Domestic Violence Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) to investigate the domestic violence issue,” ASP Darkwa said.

A video of the man of God flogging the two with a belt went viral on social media recently, drawing widespread criticism.

Bishop Obinim has defended the action insisting they deserved it for engaging in fornication and attempting an abortion.

The Gender and Social Protection Ministry filed an official complaint with the police to investigate the issue.

Tema Police PRO ASP Juliana Obeng told Joy News that last week Friday, the Tema Tema Regional Police through its DOVVSU department sent a letter to the Bishop to report to their offices for some questioning concerning his recent saga which he failed to honour.

“He reported this morning and we spoke to him and have cautioned him on physical abuse…he has been taken to the national headquarters CID for further questioning. Meanwhile, his two other pastors who were seen in the video have also been cautioned except that the third pastor is yet to report,” she said.

The congression waiting for him to lead service at the Tema Community 9 branch were disappointed as the junior pastors throng the police station and they registered their disappointment upon seeing him handcuffed into a police car to be transferred to Accra.

However, when Joy News contacted the communications team of Bishop Daniel Obinim they declined to comment on the issue.
Watch the video of his arrest. and more photos below;



Video Below;